Intranet Web Portal

Intranet portal is a Web-based tool that allows users to create a customized site that dynamically pulls in Internet activities and desired content into a single page. By providing a contextual framework for information, portals can bring S&T (Science and Technology) and organizational "knowledge" to the desktop.

An intranet is a private online network that is only accessible to members within an organization. There are a lot of things an intranet can do, but its main purpose is to provide employees with the information, resources, and collaboration tools they need to work towards their goals.

Key Features of Intranet Portal

Document & Content Management

This is the main feature/function of an Intranet system. An Intranet system should store and manage company documents in the form of files, pdfs, spreadsheets, etc. It acts as a gateway of knowledge allowing employees to store, access, and share the content and documents securely and easily with just a few clicks. 

Search Capability

A good Intranet system should have an enterprise search feature. The search feature helps employees pull the information related to content or people by searching through specific keywords or phrases, categories, filtering the tagged content, etc. A good Search feature also enables employees to find items stored on the intranet even when they don’t know what exactly they are looking for using ‘suggested search results’.

Information Generator

An Intranet system should allow members to generate and view information as and when required. Timely request processing and form processing are important tasks to be performed every now and then. An Intranet with good information generation capabilities allows employees to access business information such as forms, workflows, employee details, reports, etc. as and respond to business tasks more rapidly and efficiently.


Every company has some sort of confidential data such as company plans & policies, personnel information and financial data, which is shared only on a need-to-know-basis. A good Intranet should have tight password protected security layers that blocks unauthorized access and relieves you from the worries of data misuse and theft.


An intranet system must integrate business critical information and KRAs such as total sales, revenue generated, expenses incurred, traffic generated, etc. This will help employees get up-to-date information about their company in order to make wise decisions. It will also help in responding to many business needs at a time and in generating real time reports by refreshing and integrating company information whenever any essential data changes.

Sharing & Collaboration

Where there are great employees, there are great ideas and opinions which should be shared with other members. A good Intranet should not miss the great feature of sharing and collaboration since Intranet is the only platform where communication flows in different ways i.e. top to bottom, bottom to top, peer to peer, etc. Moreover, to make sharing a non-stop process, organizations should incorporate a blogging feature in their Intranet since it will help employees to share, view and comment on the posts of internal as well as external participants.

Social Networking

Companies are recognizing the value of social networking and social sharing over the internet. Moreover, with the increasing demand of bringing the social networking inside the corporate walls in order to create awareness about the company online as well as to include it in the marketing strategy, companies should look for an Intranet suite that supports social networking. With appropriate widgets of each social site in the Intranet, employees can connect with people, create a sense of community and build a brand image at no cost.

Available On-Cloud 24x7

A good Intranet should not limit its access within the corporate boundaries. Rather, it should be deployed On-Cloud to make it available to employees 24x7 so that they do not lose the connectivity with their organization when they are away from the office. This will help them in responding and acting on information and reports on time through their laptop, mobile phone, home PC, or any other network.

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Intranet Web Portal

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