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Why should you become a reseller?




Unlike a distributor that requires a high margin, becoming a reseller enables you to set your price. You can choose the product suitable for your business, buy it at a fair price then sell it at your own cost to ensure your profitability. Being Stampwallet resellers, you will have the full freedom to set your own pricing. The higher the price you set, the more income you earn. On average, our resellers already break even after 22 connected clients!




As a reseller, you can start your business road right away without waiting for any products to arrive. As soon as you add reselling products and content on your site, you can begin marketing your business. Moreover, it doesn’t ask for much time commitment since most of the processes are automated and you won’t need to package or ship products to the customers. Stampwallet offers a full package of platform and services needed for setting your own business. You won’t have to go through complicated messy software since our app focuses on your local business. As a reseller of Stampwallet, you will get support for whole activities including research, development, and marketing and have access to the multi-language platform.



Make more money:-

1) Capability to sell complete solutions and service offerings. 2) Achieve higher margins through solution selling approach. 3) Being “the total package” gives you an edge on the competition.



Reduce risk:-

1) Diversify your offering and decrease risk for your business. 2) Develop a consistent revenue stream built on service offerings. 3) Product management products give you an industry-leading advantage.



Quick and easy expansion:-

If you act as a reseller, you are able to sell a wide range of products. Your consultancy business can grow into various technological products such as POS systems, marketing services, and of course a loyalty program like Stampwallet. Stampwallet operates its business on 3 most validated markets: Food & Beverage,  Beauty and Health, and Retail, thus your opportunity to diversify the product choice and have your product market authorized is splendid. Our reseller community is worldwide available with an enlarging network approach. Also, because you don’t have to pay a lot for bulk inventory to make sure enough goods selection, you can test your expanded strategy with different methods and see if it is efficient. Of course, we do offer you advice with experienced best practices. In other words, you can scale your business with the click of a button.



Level Amount (This amount will be creditble after registration) Reccuring Comission (Excl. GST)
Level 1 25000 20%
Level 2 70,000 30%
Level 3 2,00,000 40%
Level 4 5,00,000 50%


Term & Conditions:-

1) GST exclude from above commission rate.

2) You will ensure that all Reseller end-customers comply with the terms.


Interested in becoming a reseller?

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